Indigenous Theatre’s Legacy

Letter written and sent today to Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, following the announcement this past week that The Indigenous Theatre section of The National Arts Centre of Canada would be denied funding in the Federal Government’s 2019 Budget. (Full announcement details can be found here: Mr Rodriguez, It is with immense sadness and shame that I read the publicized announcement this week that Heritage Canada has denied funding to one of the most crucial bastions of growth, harmony and healing for a community already … Read More

Yes, it is my responsibility.

Faced with the undeniable urgency our planet’s deteriorating environmental crisis now demands, I wanted to share with you my own family’s journey since we decided, just over 6 months ago, to very actively reduce everything from our carbon footprint to our household waste. It’s been a very steep learning curve and I won’t lie to … Read More

October Lessons

Sometimes in life you’re presented with opportunities to give back to your community, to share and to grow. When those opportunities come knocking it’s enlightening to discover again and again just how good it feels to share what you know, what you’ve learned and your experiences with others whose creative endeavours mirror your own. Next … Read More

Medic – a short film by Adam Lolacher

I first wrote about my friend Adam’s short film project, Medic, back in November 2013 (see original article below). Back then Adam was in the process of securing financing on the film and pre-production was just getting up and going. My first day on set in Vancouver for Medic happened on July 9th 2014. It … Read More


Over the past 2 years I’ve been fortunate enough to experience something very unique. In the context of my work on the English version of ‘ 19-2 ‘, for which production first began in September 2013, I was granted the opportunity to accompany Montreal police officers on patrol. I accompanied them on the job on … Read More