Strange Parallels

I watched two films i love this week, Zach Braff’s Garden State (2004) and Luca Guadagnino’s I Am Love (2009) with Tilda Swinton. I’ve watched these films many times before but never within the same short time frame. It’s such a stretch to have both works somehow hit a similar emotional string with me given … Read More

Full Stories…

“Full Stories are as rare as honesty, precious as diamonds. If you are lucky enough to uncover one, a full story will sit on your brain like lead. They are difficult. They are long-winded. They are epic. They are like the stories God tells: full of impossibly particular information. You don’t find them in the … Read More

1st Blog Post

Hello and a very warm welcome to my new personal blog. I’ll be posting regularly so be sure to check in and see what’s up on my end Right now I’m immersed in this crazy and exciting theatre experience with The Chainsaw Theatre Co-Op in Toronto. We’re into the second and final week of our … Read More