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“Full Stories are as rare as honesty, precious as diamonds. If you are lucky enough to uncover one, a full story will sit on your brain like lead. They are difficult. They are long-winded. They are epic. They are like the stories God tells: full of impossibly particular information. You don’t find them in the dictionary.”

Just went back and found this quote from Zadie Smith’s White Teeth

My mother’s stories always go on and on and every detail is in fact excruciatingly outlined, and it doesn’t matter who she’s talking to or where or when the story is being told, it just is, all of it, without sparing anyone or anything…I love her, and her stories.

Back in Montreal soaking up Quebec’s potholes, routinely crumbling infrastructure, amazing film fests, good poutine, jogging on the Mount Royal, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s outdoor fashion show last night, people watching on Saint-Denis…la vie est belle…unless a cement block falls on top of your head. That blows man.