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Certains personnages nous restent dans la peau…some characters get under your skin.

It’s been a week since Susan, the character I played in this play ‘Point No Point’, spoke to me, spoke out to the world, and i can’t shake her. I’ll be walking down the street, waiting in line at the cashier’s, on the subway…echoes of her voice ring out in my ears and beg to be spoken ‘Scott, i put my heart into that place with you’ … ‘You’re a fucking flake’…’Yes, i thought you’d want to have kids with me, I didn’t even think it was a question’…’I love you’…’Some messed up wiring in your brain makes you run from things that are truly fulfilling’. She’s here with me when i brush my teeth and turn on the oven, she’s there when i turn the key, and Scott, (played by my fellow actor Noah) his voice also springs forth out of nothingness, from these weird places and moments throughout the day, usually when I’m in the middle of having a conversation with someone.

I’ve had this happen before and consider it part of the process, part of this strange universe I’ve chosen to inhabit as an actor. But it astounds me every time (smile). No wonder people sometimes say actors are crazy…multiple personality schizophrenics. We dive in head first, heart out, spirit open ready and willing, and sometimes the character you’re creating inhabits too much of you for a while and when you leave it behind it fights, kicks and screams at your soul to be let out.

Going in to test for one of the main characters of a new game the great geniuses at Ubisoft have cooked up…her name is Nikki and she’s next.